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How to install the speed gates?

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Update time : 2021-04-01 17:38:00
Pedestrian turnstile gates are increasing used at the entrances and exits for where need unmanned monitoring. The installation of speed gate is a relatively simple project. Here is a detailed introduction to the installation and commissioning precautions of speed gate.

The installation is mainly divided into three steps: line pre-embedding, fix the gate and controller wiring:
A. The pre-embedded line of speed gate 
1. The wiring of the speed gate must also consider safety issues when the wiring is arranged neatly and reasonably. The cable needs to be kept horizontal or vertical, and protected and fixed with a sleeve. The strong current and weak wires must be laid separately and cannot be put in the same pipe. All wiring must be sleeved to avoid faults caused by disconnection. The cables must be marked when wiring.
2. Determine the position of the chassis according to the customer's requirements, choose the best route between the center point of the fixed position of the chassis and the control room, pre-bury or excavate the cable trench, and put it in the dug trench properly. Diameter wiring pipes (PVC pipes or steel pipes), penetrate the power cords and control lines required by the equipment (control lines include: manual button wire 3 cores, RS485 communication signal wire 2 cores). If the distance is long, the power line and control line must be separated by pipes (the distance between the two pipes should be more than 40cm). A 10-core connecting wire is connected between the two turnstiles. After all the lines are laid out, it is best to fill the concrete after the commissioning is successful.

B. Fixing the speed gates to the ground
1. After determining the installation position, run speed gates to the closed state, and then align the speed gates of multiple speed gates so that the speed gates are on the same line, and the distance between them is 2CM to 4CM.
2. It is necessary to test whether the infrared is aligned, and after all functions are debugged, mark the center of the screw hole of the base and the edge of the chassis base on the ground, then remove the chassis, and use a drill to drill vertically on the marked screw hole The hole, size, and depth must meet the requirements of the expansion screw. Move the device to the original position, drive in the expansion screw and tighten the screw.
3. Before powering on, carefully check the terminals of the main board of the gate for looseness, ensure that the mechanical parts are not stuck, operate flexibly, whether the equipment is reliably grounded, whether there is a short circuit, etc., and then power on after confirming that it is correct.

C. Wiring of the controller of the speed gate
1. According to the wiring diagram in the installation manual, connect the power cord of the equipment and the online line between the master and slave.
2. If the device needs to be equipped with other access control systems (such as ticket management system, credit card attendance system, fingerprint management system, etc.), you need to connect the access control system output signal line to OP-L and GND or OL on the gate control board -R and GND.